Open Apology to Baal-worshippers

Dear worshipers of Baal, I want to apologize for how Christians have harmed the Baal community. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for hiding behind religion when I was just scared. I’m sorry for looking down on you instead of honoring your humanity. I’m sorry for not listening. I’m sorry that I’ve looked at you as an […]

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High Priest After the Order of Whom?

Scripture contains a lot of head-scratchers. Among these oddities is a mysterious figure named Melchizedek. The author of Hebrews writes a whole lot about him, explaining that Jesus is “high priest after the order of Melchizedek” (Hebrews 5:11). This sounds pretty important. But what in the world does it mean? King of (Jeru)Salem Melchizedek is […]

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A Christian Manifesto (Not that one)

The secularist religion put forth in the Humanist Manifesto (1933) is being brought to its logical conclusion in our society. Our land is covered in the blood of over 60 million unborn children, we parade nation-wide for sodomy and gender dysphoria, and most people (even most Christians) have given over their children at an early […]

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Ambiguity: Heresy’s Trojan Horse

Theological ignorance is a huge problem in Christianity today. We’re simply not well-equipped when it comes to the things of God. And it’s not for lack of sermons or other theological content. Pastors and theologians are constantly pumping out sermons, books, podcasts, and blog posts, making theology more readily available to the average person than […]

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Polemical Appropriation Part Two

In the last post, I discussed scriptural examples of polemical appropriation. The biblical writers used language from Babylonian mythology and Greek philosophy in order to make particular theological points in favor of the Lord, and in opposition to the worldview presented in their source material. And while I could continue to provide examples, this post […]

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Polemical Appropriation: Part One

Every sin is a hate crime. Love won on the cross. My preferred gender is that which God assigned me. God plans all parenthood. God’s image, God’s choice. Now that I’ve offended every millennial, I would like to point out the method I have used to do so. I call it polemical appropriation. Polemical appropriation […]

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