Response to The Well’s “You Asked For It”

This past Easter Sunday, some local abolitionists stood outside the Well in Geneva, Illinois, passing out literature and holding signs, exhorting them to get involved in the fight to abolish abortion. The church’s mission statement is to “love people into deeper levels of relationship with Jesus Christ” and so when brothers and sisters in Christ show up, exhorting them to love their littlest neighbors, one would expect a loving response. But this was certainly not the case. Ignoring Paul’s command in 1 Corinthians 6 not to take fellow believers to the unbelieving authorities, the lead pastor called the police, hoping to get them kicked off the public easement in front of their property. Another elder prevented congregants from taking literature and screamed to one abolitionist, “you are an ugly man!” In another interaction, he told him that what he does is “vile and disgusting!” Additionally, a volunteer entering the parking lot cried, “you are an embarrassment to Jesus Christ!” I guess there are conditions to those who they are willing to “love into deeper levels of relationship with Jesus Christ”…

But this is not where the story ends… The lead pastor told a light-hearted story from the pulpit about how his wife was taking birth control when two of his children were conceived, providing no caveat that taking pills designed to murder her children was wrong in any way. Because of this, a former member of the church made a Facebook comment about his story, claiming that he was not opposed to murdering children in the form of abortifacients. Since he had made the public statement that his wife took these drugs, it is not completely out of left field to assume that he condones doing so. Nonetheless, the pastor immediately called the woman who made the comment and began hurling insults and telling her that she needed to take the comment down immediately. When she was reluctant, he began digging up unrelated hurtful events from when she was a member of his church, attempting to make her out to be malicious and divisive. After also calling her a “compulsive liar”, he then claimed that he had never called her that, only to call her a “compulsive liar” again about 15 minutes further into the conversation, in addition to calling her husband a “wolf”. Because he had been caught promoting child-sacrifice, which is certainly a blemish to one’s reputation, he was willing to resort to manipulation and name-calling toward a woman who his own pastoral neglect had hurt in the past, in order to protect his beloved reputation. Is this how you “love people into deeper levels of relationship with Jesus Christ”?

After the abolitionists had recently returned a second time to hand out more literature, a blog post was published by an elder of the Well which contains false information about them. He shares a question asked by a member of the congregation, writing, “Does the pregnancy information center that The Well backs, offer abortions every Monday? I ask to clarify what protesters were saying on Easter Sunday outside of the church grounds.” He then answers the question without ever seeking to clarify the real message of the “protestors”. In reality, none of the abolitionists were there to protest the church, nor had any of them claimed that PIC performs abortions. This was simply misinformation. One of the abolitionists posted a comment, attempting to seek an edit for clarification, but the comment was immediately deleted and her Facebook page was blocked. This is rather hypocritical, considering the pastor was so butt-hurt about a single Facebook comment.

You can read the blog post here.

Because the Well is in the middle of a series entitled, “You Asked For It”, where they accept questions and answer them from the pulpit, I would like to join in and ask some questions:

  1. In what way is name-calling and manipulation “loving people into a deeper level of relationship with Jesus Christ”?
  2. In what way is it “vile and disgusting” to oppose child-sacrifice?
  3. In what way is it loving to slander fellow Christians and block them when they attempt to make a defense?
  4. Why are you more concerned about preserving your reputation than you are about your innocent unborn neighbors being slaughtered down the street from your church building or making right the great hurt your poor leadership has caused in people’s lives?

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